Member Spotlight: Ki-Ai McBride


What is your name?


What do you do for work and what is your slash (aka what do you do in your free time)?

I am the Community Engagement Director for YWCA Helena.  I oversee development, marketing, and our volunteer program.  If you want to know more, attend one of our free lunch tours! They are on the 12th of every month at 12:00pm! 501 N Park!

When I am not sharing YWCA Helena's mission I am with my two children; Bridger and Madison. If I am not with my kids, then I am ideally with close friends cooking dinner, listening to music, and enjoying each others company. 

How did you land in Helena? 

I grew up in Helena; attended Bryant Elementary School, Helena Middle School, and Helena High School. #6thWard

What is the best piece of advice that you ever received – career-related or otherwise? 

I don't think I can pin point one piece of advise I've received that's been better than another. But generally speaking for personal and professional growth - don't underestimate the power of self-care.

When do you feel the most yourself?

My kids are 9 and 2, when we share moments where the three of us are all on the same page and laughing together it is an indescribable feeling.

When I'm in my work zone - not behind a desk, but at an event where conversations are alive and everyone is enjoying themselves. That's my jam.

Where is the last place you explored and where do you want to explore next?

I spent some time in LA last February and explored various locations in one of America's largest counties. I have traveled there before but this last time I intentionally went outside of the traditional perimeter.  I am an extrovert, so it wasn't the environment that fed me (although the beach was super fun) but rather the people. I love having sociocultural experiences.  I spent some time learning about the philosophy of Wabi Sabi (Google it) with my dearest Silicon Valley guru.  I discussed gentrification, cultural identification, and law enforcement with someone from Inglewood - even experienced a little stint there.  And finally, I participated in a National Strategic Planning session for YWCA USA with sisters who are equally as passionate and outspoken about empowering women and providing peace, dignity, and social justice for all.

I really want to go to Cuba. I met the first Secretary of the Cuban Embassy at his presentation on the state of Cuba. I want to watch a national healthcare system in action, stuff myself silly with local food, see the impacts of the embargo, drink rum, and dance!

Tell us something about yourself that we didn’t ask:

I am a Capricorn, I am of Korean and Irish decent, I love green smoothies, I enjoy comedy, I hate laundry, and I have a cat named Stellaluna.

Working at YWCA Helena has been a life changing experience, check out our website and see how we are making change happen!