Who We Are


Mission & Vision

Our mission is to bring together young professionals in the Helena area through civic engagement, social networking, and professional development, to build each other up and help shape the future of Helena.

Our vision is a vibrant community in which young professionals from across work sectors and social circles engage and interact with ease.



  1. Grow the HYP Brand
  2. Execute high-quality events that provide value to membership
  3. Facilitate civic engagement among members
  4. Promote the professional development of members
  5. Enable social interaction among members

Age of Members (in %)

Our Members



of members have 0-2 years of professional experience


of members have 2-5 years of professional experience


of members have 5 years and over of professional experience


Top Career Fields (in %)


Top 5 Aspects of HYP Events

  1. Learning about the Helena community
  2. Doing something new and different
  3. Networking with people who might help with my career
  4. Exploring new and cool places around town
  5. Making new friends

Most Desired Events (in %)